Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Tempts Me

Yes, I, Frazzled Mom, have a weakness. It is a horrible, sick addiction. Dare I confess this? OK (steadying my nerves).... I am obsessed with beautiful paper napkins. There, I said it.

Really, as far as addictions go, this one isn't too bad right? Wrong! I can't help myself. If I see a beautiful package of napkins, I MUST have them. Well, since they usually cost me less than $2.00 a package, I guess I'm doing OK. I could be addicted to beautiful expensive china. Oh wait, I am.

I am also partial to those paper napkins that you put in your bathroom for company. Ohhhh.... especially monogrammed or seasonal ones. I can't bear for my company to wipe their hands on the towel that my boys use. My kids are clean, but come on, they are boys!

Well, for all you friends out there who are sick just like me, I'll show my finds today at the discount store Marshalls. That store is my favorite hunting ground for some beautiful paper napkin finds and awesome prices.

These are two I got today made by the tasteful folks at Caspari:

This one is called Royal Orchard Gold from the Royal Horticultural Society. I think this is beautiful for any occasion.

This gorgeous one is called "Pumpkin Gold". Just perfect with my fall decorations. 

OK - I didn't purchase this one, but if it had been at the store I would have snatched it up. It is a Caspari napkin called "Profusion of Flowers" in silver.

I love Ideal Home Range (IHR) napkins. My local Ace Hardware store carries an amazing selection that I often indulge in. Their Christmas collections are irresistible. I didn't purchase any today, but let's drool over these...

This one is called "Burger Party". Just adorable for any cookout!

This one is "Castanea". Very elegant for any day.

Oh... "Winter Toile" is just gorgeous!

Five O clock Tea is just adorable for obvious reasons!

I'm nuts for "Nuts"!

This one is exactly like my Beagle "Tug". I think I HAVE to have this one!
See, I'm so sick. Just don't judge me! Prayers are called for here. 
"Wild West" in red is such a great choice for a Texas Tea!


Helen Reyneke said...

What a WONDERFUL selection of paper napkins. They are little pieces of ART! I have always been a fabric napkin snob, but I think I might be cured. But then again...are these not to pretty to use??? : )Thanks for sharing : )

southerninspiration said...

Oh, I completely understand your addiction/obsession. I have a drawer full....and I don't always want to use them if I think that who I use them on won't really appreciate it!!!! Twisted, right? :D


Shannon at Living Life at Home said...

Beautiful! You always make me realize how much a little touch of beauty makes a difference. Thank you for bringing that beauty into our lives and the lives of your guests (in real life & online). Can't wait to see you next week.



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