Monday, June 21, 2010

A "Dad-Gum" Mess - or - How to get Gum Out of Your Clothes

My dear husband, and Dad to my two boys, has a little bit of a problem. He forgets to empty his pockets before throwing his clothes in the hamper. I always forget to check before I throw them in the wash. Recently, Dad has taken to chewing gum and often forgets to take the gum packet out of his pocket. Today I opened up the washer to find a sticky mess all over several favorite items of clothing ("Dad-Gum" it).
I tried the old ice trick. It took off a good portion, but the residue was still there. I almost threw my clothes away when I decided it didn't hurt to try my favorite stain remover Soilove. I let it soak for about 15 minutes and then put more on the stain. I started to scrape with my fingernail and the gum started to loosen. I removed as much as I could and put another dose of the Soilove and removed the remainder of the gum. I couldn't save the sock but it was my husbands so I didn't feel too bad. ;)  I washed the clothes again, and they came out beautifully. This cheap little dollar store stain remover has saved me money again! It is worth its weight in gold!

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