Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why motorcycles are hot

When I met my husband twenty some odd years ago, he was a big motorcycle fan. My mother was not. I was forbidden to ride the motorcycle. My boyfriend was so cute and dangerous on a motorcycle. What do you think happened? mmmm hmmm

The picture above was taken before we were married. He saved up and purchased this Honda Interceptor. It is my favorite bike. I love this picture of my proud boyfriend.

After several trips to the hospital and several totaled bikes early in our marriage, he gave it up. Recently, however, his interest has again peaked. I encouraged him to get back on the old horse so to speak. Yes, I encouraged him. He saved and he saved for about a year. Finally, he had enough to purchase a bike and he started shopping. He found the ugliest bike I ever saw. I think he figured out I hated it and he didn't purchase it. He did finally purchase a very nice bike. He was thrilled. I was thrilled he was thrilled. But more importantly, I found him irresitible on that bike. Holy smokes, I forgot how hot he looked on a bike. I found myself totally checking out my husband again. It makes me giggle like a teenager to write that.
Motorcycles are hot. I'm partial to a sports bike because that's the style my husband has always had. Lots of chrome, steel, leather and heat.




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Sarah McK. said...

OMG, falling on the floor laughing. You are so cute, and so is your hot motorcycle guy. I bet you don't have any problems leaning correctly! :) I love to see you guys with this new spark.


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