Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I gained 3 pounds in 1 weekend in Arkansas!

We had a wonderful time this weekend visiting our friends in Arkansas. They are also from Louisiana and transplanted to Arkansas. We celebrated our friendship with food, food and more food! That's the Louisiana way!

Reason No. 1 I gained weight: On our way, we stopped in Hope, Arkansas at a little place called "Big Jake's Bar-B-Q". Wow was it good! I am dreaming about their brisket right now.

Reason No. 2 I gained weight: Our friend is an excellent cook. We must have been practice for a future Bed and Breakfast because we got the hugest breakfast buffets ever seen.

Breakfast No. 1: hot croissants with the jelly of your choice, grapes, cantelope, coffee & juice.

Breakfast No. 2 wasn't pictured because I cooked it. I just made a quick cornbread. Our friends supplemented it with fresh hot doughnuts and kolaches (much to the delight of my boys).

Breakfast No. 3: Frittata*, biscuits and leftovers from the previous day's breakfast.

*The breakfast frittata was amazing good. Click here for the recipe.

Reason No. 3 I gained weight: We ate out one night at a place called Genghis Grill. It was so fun to pick your meat, veggies and starch and watch it cooked.

Reason No. 4 I gained weight: The delicious dinners made at home. Yummy! Did I mention the lemon cake she served? I think I ate the majority of that cake! She knows me well! She even sent some home with me. Guess what I had for supper last night. Yup!

Did I mention I fell in love this weekend? Yes I did. And my husband doesn't mind. He fell in love too. This is what we fell in love with. Aren't you in love too?

We did a lot of walking and hiking on this trip. Despite that fact, the scale still snickered when I stepped on it.

We thoroughly enjoyed a day in Hot Springs. My boys had never been so they delighted in the fact that scalding hot water came up out of the earth naturally. We took a tour of an old bathhouse being used by the Visitor Center. Check out my "artsy" photos.

We also hiked down to the Cedar Falls waterfall at Petit Jean State Park. Tylenol was our best friend for the next two days. Our heartfelt thanks to our friends for hosting a wonderful weekend. Tag, we are it now. Can't wait for your visit.

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