Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To plant or not to plant...

To plant or not to plant, that is the question. It never fails. I plant a beautiful flower garden and veggie garden and the weather turns cold and I have to cover my baby plants. Never fails. It's a sure thing. Call Vegas.
I waited and waited to plant my garden this year. This weather won't trick me this time. I'm too smart for it. Others planted their gardens but, oh no, I won't fall for it. I kept waiting. OK, its really warm. High 70's. The trees are starting to bud. The trees can't be wrong. Can they? I still waited.
The veggies came out at my favorite nursery. Still, I waited. We had a hard winter this year. Was it over? OK, maybe its over. The grass is growing again. OK, it's time.
I planted and planted. I done wore myself out ya'll. Two days after I planted, it hovered near freezing. I had to cover my baby plants. I am not smarter than the weather (or a 5th grader).

Here is what I planted this year:

Flower Gardens in the front

Alyssum Easter Bonnet - Violet - very sweet smelling. The bees love this. 


Verbena but a trailing one to fill in the garden floor.

These two beautiful dew covered flowers are Osteospermum in Astra Pink. I took these pictures on a cloudy day. I love how the background is so dark. The beauty of these flowers stands out.

Snapdragon - Solstice Purple

This little fuzzy guy is a Verbena
Salvia - a nice variation on the ones I've had in the past.
It doesn't smell like cat pee either so that's a plus.

I love this Angelonia in "Serena Purple"

Provence Lavender. I bought a lot so I
could have a "field" of Lavender. My favorite smell.
The Spring Veggie Garden:

This cabbage is actually leftover from last year. It is so beautiful! 
The Old Garden 
Nothing much to look at now. My Oregano, apple mint, a sturdy cabbage, some parsley, rosemary and my father-in-law's green onions are holdouts from last summer. Oregano anyone?

The Pioneer Garden. Nothing flashy here except my two broccoli from last year. 


Yellow squash. After last year's zucchini takeover, I've opted for a nice tame squash. 

Cucumber. They didn't have burpless so
be warned all ye supper visitors. Arggg. I slipped into Pirate speak. Sorry.

Marigold - to keep away the bugs from the tomatoes.
Does it really work? I don't know but I like to keep the tradition.
Tomato - I've had a love/hate relationship with them. I've tried lots of different kinds but they always end up with some sort of leaf rot/fungus. I'm determined this year to win.
This picture doesn't have anything to do with my garden. This is Billy, our neighbors dog. He's so cute. I was outside taking pictures and he and his owner walked by. I just had to put him here and make you smile. Aren't you smiling?


Shannon - Living Life at Home said...

I adore your garden. You make such beautiful use of the space you have and prove that you can grow a fair amount even in a small yard.

Even though I just saw it in person, it makes me smile to see these beautiful pictures and "hear" your murmurs about them.

There is such grace in a garden, just as there is in you. Thank you for sharing your space with us Elizabeth!

Frazzled Mom said...

Awwww... Shannon. Thank you so much. You have a way with words. You must be a writer or something. Remember, if you need oregano, I'm your woman. Hope your yard isn't flooded from last night's deluge!


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