Saturday, March 6, 2010

My little love story

I have never written down how my husband and I met. Thought I might do so for posterity. Well, here it goes...

I had made up my mind that I didn't want to go to college even though it would have been paid for by my grandparents (Whaaaa?). I decided I wanted to go to the local vocational school so that I could learn a skill and start working right away. Times were tough during the late 80's. My father had declared bankruptcy just a few years before. We had lost everything. Money was horribly tight. To get a job quickly seemed the best plan at the time. I also made up my mind that I wanted to concentrate on my studies and I wouldn't be bothered with dating or boys while I was in school.

God must have had a good laugh over my little plans.

The first day of school I felt nauseated. I had attended small private Christian schools for my entire education. I had just graduated a few months earlier from a tiny Christian High School with a grand total of 6 in the senior class. By comparison, this place was a monstrosity.

I was required to take an entrance exam at the school in order for the school counselor to point me in the direction of what skill I should focus on. I love tests. I know, I'm weird. But being in an unfamiliar place made the butterflies pummel my stomach. I was trying hard to relax but that was making the butterflies angrier. Then, through the glass walls directly across me, I saw a big smile. Everything was moving in slow motion now. The smile was attached to a tall, thin cutie with dishwater blond hair. He was coming out of the counselor's office. The mistake he made was to continue to walk while he was looking at me. He ran smack dab into an open file cabinet drawer. I stifled a giggle and immediately relaxed. I told myself, "I can do this."

I attended my classes that day just staying in the classroom during the breaks. I didn't feel like socializing. I was relieved when the classes let out for the day and I made my way to the front of the school to await my ride home. My Mamon worked in town at the local kindergarten. She would ferry me halfway home and my parents would pick me up and bring me the rest of the way home. I stood outside waiting for her car to pull up.

The parking lot was mostly abandoned. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car pull around and then park in the parking lot directly in front of me and sit there a minute. Out jumped cute smiley guy and he was walking toward me. I looked at the ground trying not to smile. He walked right up and introduced himself bold as you please. He told me he had been looking for me all day but never found me and there I was right in front of school right this minute. Great, a stalker. I just smiled hoping he would scoot. My Mamon pulled up just in time to rescue me. I waved goodbye to smiley guy and was about to close the car door behind me. He yelled out "Wait, what's your name?" A quick glance at Mamon who smiled and I told him my name and then I quickly closed the door. My Mamon started to laugh "The first day of school and you already have a boyfriend." I quickly assured he was NOT my boyfriend and I was NOT interested in dating him or anyone at this school. I was going to concentrate on my studies. She nodded. As soon as I got home, I ran up to my room, found a scrap of paper and wrote his name.

Weeks and weeks of his pestering me every school day for a date was getting aggravating. Finally I told him that I didn't date non-Christians. Ah, that would scare him off. Nope, he promptly told me of his salvation experience a few years before at a camp meeting his Uncle had taken him to. Great. Now, I had to go out with him. Maybe a quick lunch date would be enough to satisfy him and he would move on. "OK, you can take me to lunch this week." He quickly set a date before I could change my mind.

The day of the lunch date I was actually nervous. Why? I didn't care if this guy liked me or not. I got in his blue Chevy and off we went across town. We only had about an hour, so we had to hurry. "Pizza?" he inquired. I nodded. He took me to "Mr. Gatti's" a local pizza place in town with overly salty pizza. I didn't complain. It was free. As I sat at the table playing with my straw a conversation began. He was easy to talk to. Our conversation just flowed. And his cute smile. I noticed his fangs stuck out of his mouth a bit when he smiled. Oh, that was so cute. Wait, I am staring at his mouth. This isn't good. Crap, I'm falling for this guy. I'm supposed to be concentrating on my studies...

The next week was my birthday. I was actually surprised when he walked up to me on my birthday with a card in hand. He hesitated a moment, handed the card to me, kissed me quickly on my cheek, scratching me with his stubble in the process and ran away before I could say anything. I could feel the scratch of his stubble on my cheek the rest of the day. I smiled the rest of the day. Oh, I was falling hard. This was not the plan. God chuckled.


K.I.Th said...

Homeschooling your Kids? You are a wise mom too!!

Frazzled Mom said...

Hmmm. K.I. Not feeling most days! Thanks for the vote of confidence though. Always need that!


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