Monday, March 1, 2010

Friday Night Lights - The Best Show You Aren't Watching!

I am an unlikely fan of the show "Friday Night Lights"! I think the acting, storyline and the style in which this show is shot (not to mention the fact that it is filmed near Austin, Texas) make it my current favorite. Yes, the teenagers make mistakes on the show but I appreciate that this show makes the characters face the consequences of their actions. Not many shows on TV have the guts to do so. Many shows glamorize sin and make fools of adult authority. Not FNL. They show adults giving (mostly) good advice to kids.

When it was taken off the air, I was so disappointed. Direct TV picked up the 4th season for its customers. NBC will air Season 4 in April. Who can wait till then? I spent my free hours this weekend catching up on Season 4. It took me a lot of digging, but I finally found it on CastTV. You Tube carries some of Season 4 shows but only shows 4/5 of each show. You should also be aware that CastTV pulls the video from different sources. One of the sources is "MegaVideo" which limits your viewing time to 3 hours. If you are pulling a marathon watching session, you might go over the watching time. If you do, be aware that there are alternative sources for each video right on the CastTV site. For instance on the show "The Son", you can watch on an alternative source. See the red arrow on the picture below. Click that link to watch the show outside of the "MegaVideo" source. You can also watch Seasons 1-3 on CastTV if you are new to the show. I do not recommend letting children or young teens watch the show. Older teens might benefit from a running commentary from you during the show while you watch together. It will definitely open up some good conversations about choices and consequences. I'm looking forward to Season 5!

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Frazzled Mom said...

Let me also say this. One of the storylines in Season 4 is a girl who gets pregnant and then has an abortion. She talks to an adult who gives her information on getting an abortion after the girl asks about it. While the premise of the show was that the adult, a school principal and licensed counselor, gave the information she was "supposed" to give, I totally disagree with this reasoning. The adult was in her own home, off school campus, and giving advice to a girl that was not a student at her school. She could have given her personal "prolife" opinion here and been within her rights. The show "weenied" out of this hot topic. They also portrayed "prolifers" as radicals who phone in death threats to the principal. This story line was disappointing and left a sour taste in my mouth. It strayed from the realism I felt the show held true to in the past shows.


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