Friday, March 5, 2010

A blog award!

I am both humbled and embarrassed.

First, I am very humbled that Shannon over at Living Life at Home named this silly little ADHD of a blog an award winner of the "Over the Top" Blog Award. Say what? I know. I think Shannon may be the only person that actually reads and puts up with my nonsense here. She's an excellent writer so a thumbs up from her is amazing. Thanks Shannon. You made my year.

Secondly, I am hugely embarrassed. Shannon named me a winner of this award way back on December 11. I was supposed to post it here along with my answers to a long list of questions. Well (here comes the excuses), I was having huge problems with my copy and paste functions in Blogger, I was way too lazy to retype all the questions, Christmas, cleaning up after Christmas, working for the man, blah, blah, blah... I finally got around to researching what the heck was going on and found a fix to it. So, looooong overdue, here are the questions and answers.

1.Where is your cell phone: recharging as always, I talk on the phone too much.

2. Your hair: was not fixed this morning

3. Your mother: introduced me to a crazy variety of foods

4. Your father: is a preacher man

5. Your favorite food: Aleci's Pizza in Lafayette, Louisiana

6. Your dream from last night: I slept so hard, I don't remember.

7. Your favorite drink: Community Coffee cappuccino (great, now I need one)

8. Your dream/goal: to finish writing the book I started.

9. What room are you in: in the study/library/office

10. What is your hobby: Blogging, writing, cooking, sewing, decorating

11. What is your fear: The Lord is my helper, I will not fear.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Enjoying grandbabies.

13. Where were you last night: enjoying dinner at home with my family

14. Something you are not: able to finish a project! (case in point)

15. Muffins: apple cinnamon

16. Wish List items: A log cabin

17. Where did you grow up: swamps of Louisiana

18. Last thing you did: snuck a piece of Easter candy that I bought for the boys for this Easter

19. What are you wearing: my favorite black velour Calvin Klein track suit

20. Your TV: humming with video games (It's past 3:00 on a Friday)

21. Your pets: Tug at your Heartstrings (a/k/a Tug) our overweight, overmedicated Beagle. Dutchess, a 15 year old+ Silver Persian Cat who will not die.

22. Your friends: Couldn't survive without them.

23. Your life: living it to the max!

24. Your mood: Silly

25. Missing someone: Rhonda, my dear high school friend, who lives too far away.

26. Vehicle: Toyota Camry (with no recalls). It isn't my style, but it is paid for.

27. Something you're not wearing: shoes

28. Your favorite store: Antique stores, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Ann Taylor Loft, gosh... any store will do!

29. Your favorite color: Pink (I need a daughter)

30. When's the last time you laughed: I just laughed at myself reading my answers. Pitiful, I know.

31. When's the last time you cried: I cried yesterday when I saw a homeless man

32. Your best friend: My snugglebunny

33. One place you go over and over: Walmart (heaven help me)

34. One person who emails me regularly: Rhonda

35. Favorite place to eat? home

I also have to pass the award to six other bloggers that I think have an Over the Top blog. Hmmm... at my speed, that might not happen until June.

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