Monday, January 18, 2010

Keeping your eyes open can save you money

Pets are expensive. Anyone with a pet will agree. I'm always looking ways to cut my bill for my pets without sacrificing quality.

Both of my pets have special needs. My dog has skin allergies, thyroid problems, recurring ear problems and is overweight. We get a special food for her that is free of corn, wheat and beef to alleviate some of her skin allergies. It isn't cheap. My poor old Persian cat is over fifteen years old. I don't think chewing hard food is easy for her now. I also use a dry food that I wet down and alternate between that and canned soft food. Her stomach is very sensitive so I have to get a high quality food. I noticed a big change in her "perkiness" when I switched to a higher quality food. Look how cute she is above playing like a kitten with the ball.

We have a Petco near our home. I signed up for their Petco Pals program. After purchasing 10 of the same brand and size of cat or dog food, I get a free bag. I get the smallest bag I can and have gotten several bags free so far. I also get coupons in the mail from Petco. Recently I got a $5.00 coupon only to realize that it expired before I could use it. I almost threw it away but I took it in and talked with the manager. He said that Petco coupons that are expired will actually be honored for several days after the expiration date. Today I also noted that a sale sign was up for the canned cat food after the actual date of the sale. I asked the manager if he would honor the sale price since the sign was still up. He said he would absolutely honor it. Also, Petco will sometimes give you a coupon for $2.00 for answering a few survey questions. Check the bottom of your receipt for this money saver! Today alone I saved $21.09 in free items and with a 10% off coupon and I got a $2.00 survey coupon for next time. I spent $44.47.

It really pays to talk with a manager. I saved $11.54 I wouldn't have normally if I hadn't spoken with a manager. The worst they can say is "no" and I have rarely gotten that answer.

Keep your eyes open and check your receipt. Just today I got charged the old price and not the new lower reduced price advertised on a trash can. I caught it when I was checking out and the clerk corrected the price on the spot.

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