Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Best Kitchen Rug Serves Many Functions

Keeping my kitchen floors clean is a constant battle. It seems that we live in this room more than any other and the floors show it. Years ago I purchased some very cushy all cotton rugs, the kind you normally see in a bathroom. They don't have the rubber bottom that is notorious for staining linoleum. It was a wonderful purchase.

I use them to mop up little spills. Just grab the rug with your foot and clean up the spill. Prevents a spill from becoming a mud puddle and keeps your floor cleaner. They lasted a long time. They were easy to clean. Just throw in the washing machine. In a pinch, you can just flip them over to quickly hide a stain.
They were comfortable for my feet. I spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen and my back and feet can get fatigued easily. Standing on these rugs really helps.
They are starting to come in a variety of colors. Seeing as how I just changed out our kitchen floor, I'll be shopping for a new one soon myself.

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