Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Grandmother's Book

I hope you will indulge me a bit while I talk about something that is close to my heart. I was thrilled the other day to receive in the mail the first printing of my Grandmother's book. It was a labor of love for several members of our family who worked to make my Grandmother's dream of being a published author a reality. Unfortunately, she passed away before it came out in print. I have always enjoyed her stories but to see them together in a book, brought me to tears. I am sure I was a sight opening the package my Aunt sent my in the Kroger parking lot. Crying and hugging a book in my car while shoppers scurried by.

I was so happy to be the smallest cog in the wheel of publishing this book. I typed the first draft of the book. I am certain my poor Aunts had a lot of corrections to make to that first draft. I also wrote the Preface which was given a much needed facelift.

Another change that brought me to tears was the Acknowledgment. It was changed to include a thank you to all those who helped and included my name. It was like a special last message from my Grandmother. What a treasure. A huge "thank you" to my Aunt Maria and My Auntie Clara. They both were amazing to get the book published. I don't know how you both did it in the midst of running a busy business, going to college, and the myriad of other responsibilities you juggle. Bravo!
What an amazing woman my grandmother was. She survived the Nazi occupation during World War II. Immigrated to the United States and raised twelve (12) children with my Grandfather. They were together for 50 years. She ministered to the poor, sick and dying in her community. Always giving and always loving. She truly loved the Lord. She was truly an example of what a servant is.
Might there be a second book in the works? Maybe. There are lots of other stories that need to be told. More information about the book here (please be patient as this pdf takes a minute to download. The information about this book is at the bottom of the first page.)


Silvia said...

That's so amazing. I clicked on HERE and found no more info about the book. What a life and a woman she was for what I can read.

Frazzled Mom said...

Thanks Silvia. The link is working just fine. It takes a few minutes to download depending on the speed of your connection. You will find the information at the bottom of the first page.


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