Saturday, December 12, 2009

A New Type of Social Violence

Sonic is a family favorite for a quick bite to eat. However recently it has been the source of a new social violence phenomenon we shall call "Sonic Rage". Yes friends, I have witnessed it first hand. We'll be enjoying our meal when all of the sudden someone pulls up across the lot from us, turns off their engine and leaves on their lights. We squint into the brightness and shield our eyes. I see my husband's blood begin to boil. My husband then flashes his lights at them so they get the message to turn off theirs. Of course, they are busy looking at the menu board deciding between onion rings or tots totally unaware of the rage slowly building across the parking lot. My husband now puts on his high beams and flashes them in the eye of the unsuspecting customer. They are still clueless. The flashing continues until I tell him to stop or we will end up on the front page of our local newspaper. Yes, this normally mild mannered engineering student is a victim of "Sonic Rage". He refuses to park against the building to avoid the whole confrontation. We are currently looking for a 12-step program for this.

1 comment:

Sarah McK. said...

Oh, my. I, too, can suffer Sonic Rage. At Sonic, driving down the street, when the neighbors pull into their driveway. I feel your husband's pain. Hilarious post!


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