Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cheap, but Classy Gift Ideas for pre-teens and young teens

As a continuation to my "Cheap, but Classy, Christmas Ideas" entry from last year, I want to give you some more inexpensive gift ideas for a difficult-to-buy-for group, pre-teens and young teens. Both of my boys fall in that category this year and I have found it a challenge to purchase for them this year.

Here are a few ideas for this group:

  • iTunes gift card (Sarah, I'm giving you the credit for this one). I was easily able to find them at Wal-Mart this year.
  • Cool "message" T-shirts. Kids in this age category are beginning to assert their independence and love showing it by wearing fun T-Shirts! I've found some great T-shirts at Target and the Christian bookstore. 
  • Band T-shirts. Music is such a big part of their lives at this age. This gift will be appreciated all year long.
  • Games. My kids love getting a new board game.
  • Gumball machine.
  • Magazine Subscription. It's a gift that gives all year long.
  • Trendy Belt. I found some very reasonably priced and trendy belts for boys at Target this year.
  • Wallets. I really like the ones made with Duct Tape.
  • Sheet Music. My oldest son is into his guitar this year. I was able to find a large book of sheet music at our local Christian bookstore.
  • Cookbook. Add an apron or potholder for a nice gift. My favorite is "Anyone Can Cook" by Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Charm bracelet. This is a great gift for girls. You can give them a new charm every year for their birthday and Christmas. Maybe a little pricey to start off because you have to purchase the bracelet.
  • Gift certificate to the mall or store. You just can't go wrong here.
  • Magic Kit or Magic Book.
  • Joke Book. Be prepared to listen to hours and hours of really lame jokes.
  • Guinness Book of World Records Book. Be prepared to listen to hours and hours of fascinating facts.
  • Starbucks gift certificate.
  • Pocket knife or pocket gadget holder.
  • Duct tape and a book about Duct tape. The ultimate boy gift!
  • Gift certificate to their favorite Movie Theatre.
  • A gift certificate for an experience. This can be anything to encourage growth. Pottery shop, painting ceramics, golf lesson, cooking class...
  • A lava lamp. disco light or salt lamp. Funky and fun.
  • A gift certificate a month to different fast food restaurants and pretzel & ice cream shops. Make an envelope for each month. Stick a different gift certificate in each one. Tell them they can only open it on the 1st of each month. They will really look forward to opening their envelope each month and seeing the surprise they have.
  • A comfortable chair for their room. It's fun to cuddle up in your own chair to read.
  • If you homeschool... "Day off of Homeschool" certificate. My friend Shannon suggest this one. I love it and wanted to put it here.
For gift wrapping ideas and solutions click here.

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Shannon said...

Great list! My two tweens would love most of the items on this list. But my 12 yo daughter's favorite is homemade gift certificates for extra priveleges that she can redeem throughout the year.


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