Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maker's Diet - Phase 3

I am so thrilled to have made it to Phase 3 of the Maker's Diet. I just started week 5 of the diet and am happy to add wheat and bananas to the diet. I have missed my banana in my morning smoothie. I didn't lose any weight for week 4 of the diet but I'm happy to have not gained any. With the addition of corn, everything seems to have come to a screeching halt. I'm limiting my intake and increasing the exercise. I don't do anything crazy...a simple routine of Pilate's in the morning and twice a week I walk 3-4 miles around our local mall. While my pants are falling off, the scale isn't budging. I'm chalking that up to increased muscle mass (or my recent love of Barbara's Baked Cheese Puffs 3/4 of a cup = 150 calories. In Phase 2 of the diet, it is one of the very few things that work.) I know, I know... I'm laying off of them.

While I'm excited to be at the tail end of the official diet, I plan to make changes to my diet and cooking. I don't want to go through detox or sugar withdrawals again. That is the absolute worst. With the holiday season approaching, it will be a challenge. I love to bake for the holidays. I think a little treat every once in a great while is OK but it will be more limited this year. We really tie the memories of the holidays to food. It's in our Cajun culture. Our family will make changes to that this year. We will tie memories of the holidays to spending time together instead. I think that is a healthy change that we will cherish always.

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