Saturday, July 4, 2009

A lesson of love in the mall

I walk in the mall twice a week for exercise. Usually a friend and my husband join me and we walk and talk. It's great exercise and lets me catch up on everyone's week. I noticed a while back that there was an elderly man walking the mall and pushing a wheelchair with a severely disabled person inside. I didn't know the story there, but I was curious. I continued to see the man week after week. A few days ago I ran to the restroom without my walking companions. On the way back, I saw the man and flagged him down for a moment and introduced myself.

He told me his name was George and he was pushing his son Jonathon. He said Jonathon enjoyed the outing to the mall. He also said he and his son got out twice a day to exercise. Now Jonathon is a tall man who is clearly in his 20s or 30s. How George, a frail elderly man, manages to get him into the wheelchair, I'll never know.

Jonathon constantly drools and doesn't obviously respond to any questions. George doesn't do this for the stimulating conversation.

Many people in the mall stare at the sight of the old man and his drooling companion. I tell you, it is the most beautiful sight in the world. This gentle man loving his son. George, you are my hero.

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