Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save 10% at Home Depot or Lowe's - take your pick!

I did exhaustive internet research about a year ago in anticipation of purchasing a new washer and dryer to replace my 15 year old set. Well, the money went to another place but I kept the research. Last week, I was pulling the blue paint tape off the walls in the laundry room after painting it the same cheery color as my kitchen (Indian Buff) when my husband surprised me with the announcement that I could purchase the Cherry Red LG washer and dryer I'd been eyeing for a year.

I found that Home Depot was running a special with free delivery and set up. I thought that was great, but I wanted more. I knew that there were Home Depot 10% coupons flying around after I spoke with the appliance department. The employee told me they were mailed out to customers that had a credit card. We don't have a Home Depot credit card. We have one major card for emergencies, but that's it. I sent a message out on FaceBook and two friends suggested they had seen them in the "change of address" envelopes at the Post Office. I picked one up today only to find out that it was a "Lowe's" coupon. I was totally bummed. I started praying out loud in the car "Lord, I will be patient. I am waiting on you for this." God immediately gave me some wisdom. Why didn't I try and use the Lowe's coupon at Home Depot? We were spending a large amount of money, so maybe they would be willing to help us out. I spoke with the manager of the Appliance Department. He agreed to it. He said that although Lowe's didn't carry LG appliances, he would still accept the coupon. I was so excited. It saved us $290.89! Enough money for my DH to pick out a new grill. We will use another Lowe's coupon for that purchase! I am floating on air after this HUGE savings!

I also signed up for the Home Depot Moving http://homedepotmoving.com/moving/web/registration and will get a 10% coupon this way! (Update 1-24-11... I signed up with Home Depot Moving, but never got a 10% off coupon. However, I signed up with Lowe's moving center and got a 10% off coupon in my e-mail!)

Just wanted to pass on these two sources of discounts.

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