Saturday, June 6, 2009

The cure for water rot smell on towels

I'm a sucker for a huge, thick towel. I always buy the most luxurious towels I can find for our bathrooms. I actually look at it as an investment because the towels last years longer than cheap ones. I love to feel like I'm stepping into a spa when I'm in my bathroom. My next luxury purchase is a towel warmer. Heaven!

However, one drawback to the thick towels is that if they are not laid out flat to dry on the towel racks, they can get an awful water rot smell. To get out the smell, I lay the towels in the sun for a day or two. Then I wash them in the hottest water possible with 1 cup of vinegar. This has never failed to take out the smell and restore my towels to their splendor. This trick also works with jeans or other clothes that have gotten the water rot smell.

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