Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooking outdoors - easy and efficient

I must admit until several years ago I didn't know how to grill (or as we say in the South "barbecue"). We had an old charcoal pit that my father-in-law lovingly welded for us many years ago from old pipe (probably scrap leftover from the oilfield business he worked in). Anytime I wanted to grill, my husband had to do it. I just couldn't figure it out.

While perusing in the cookbook section of my nearby library, I came across a cookbook that changed everything "Taming the Flame" I loved that this book was written in such a charming manner by a woman who was a master griller. She really taught me the basics. I was thrilled when I was easily able to start a fire without the nasty starter fluid. I purchased a very cool chimney grill starter for practically nothing at Wal-Mart and started my charcoal with just three sheets of newspaper wadded up at the bottom and a match. The coals were ready in minutes.

I fell in love with corn on the cob on the grill using her recipe. The secret is to baste with olive oil and kosher salt and black pepper. I can't get enough!

We just purchased a gorgeous 30" gas grill from Sam's. After weeks of comparison shopping everywhere, we found a fantastic deal on a wonderful grill complete with cover. You just can't beat the price for what you get! It even comes with a searer! The stainless steel grates are so easy to clean and the thing is huge compared to what we had. We can finally invite friends over for a Barbecue. I love that this purchase has given me more entertaining options. I'm crazy about turning a dial and throwing the meat on. It's so easy compared to charcoal. Most importantly, it keeps my kitchen cool in the summer. A big plus in hot, hot Texas. You will definitely find me out on the patio a lot in the evenings this summer.

PS - check out my family recipe for Bar-B-Que sauce on the right under the recipe section.


Sarah McK. said...

Totally looking forward to helping you and Greg break in the grill...

Signed, your shameless moocher of a friend

Frazzled Mom said...

Sarah - only if you give us the secret to your yummy hamburgers. They rock!


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