Friday, May 8, 2009

Isn't Pyrex supposed to last forever?

There comes a stage in your married life when all the appliances and household objects you purchased when you first got married are now breaking or are obsolete. I've definitely come to this stage. We've replaced so many appliances lately that I'm beginning to think of purchasing stock in Bed, Bath & Beyond! A friend suggested we should just renew our vows and register for all new stuff! Not a bad thought!

One thing I never thought I would have to replace was my Pyrex dishes. I have several Pyrex dishes and measuring cups. I love them and have used them pretty much since I was first married (21 years). One 9 x 11 pan in particular sees a lot of use. I was shocked when I heard glass shattering in my oven the other day. I looked in to see my 9 x 11 pan in pieces all over my oven. Boy was that a mess to clean up.

In a huff, I looked up the warranty information on the Pyrex website fully expecting to get a refund. According to the Pyrex website, two years is all we can ever expect from these dishes. Also, we shouldn't be pouring cold water into a hot dish to make gravy. I have seen all the women in our family do this forever. It's a "no no" according to the Pyrex website. After time, small cracks form in the pan and compromise the strength of the dish causing it to shatter if the dish is exposed to quick temperature changes. I still love my Pyrex dish. I just know now that it isn't indestructible. The honeymoon is over!


Dee L said...

I have Pyrex that is easily 30 years old. I always thought it would be what future archeologists would find in the ruins of 21st century villages!

Anonymous said...

This exact thing happened to me when I moved here. I was cooking some stuffed chicken breasts and I was really looking forward to trying them for the first time. Then I heard a loud shattering and looked in my oven to see something very similar to your photo. I thought it was because this oven burns alot hotter than my previous ovens.
Love your blog. Lots of great information.

Frazzled Mom said...

OK, that's really weird... that is exactly what I was making too.. stuffed chicken breasts.


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