Friday, May 8, 2009

Herbs Gone Wild!

My herb patch has grown so much this year and basically looks unkempt. But I like it that way. Here is a picture with labels. As you can see, my mint is a rebellious little guy and doesn't want to stay where he was planted. Parsley anyone?

The vegetable gardens are coming along nicely. My zuchinni has two beauties growing now. My tomatoes have their first baby. The purple hull string beans are already making edible beans. My green peppers are coming along with one ready to pick. My cucumber is showing lots of flowers, but I haven't detected a baby growing yet. Also, our Louisiana Satsuma tree has tons of baby Satsumas growing on it.

My secret garden is flourishing. I love ferns and I've planted three types there. They love the moist shady area. My bosses wife gave me a bunch of ferns from her garden. They are doing well all over my yard. Some are in my secret garden. Some are near the kitchen garden. Some are in pots near the logs. They add such a woodsy touch. I absolutely love the baby ferns when they start up all curled up a fuzzy. My hydrangea has budded and is starting to flower. The flower is green now but will soon turn into a blue or pink flower.


Dee L said...

Those cute little zuchinni will soon overtake your life. You will be finding creative ways to serve it, like Zuchinni Pie with Zuchinni topping on Zuchinni bread. Or else you will be getting inventive in ways to give it away, like leaving bags of it in open parked cars, or putting sacks of it on doorsteps, ringing the bell, and running like mad!

shannon said...

Your garden looks wonderful! It's fun to see how things have grown in such a short time.


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