Friday, May 29, 2009

Of Rabbits

I love bunny rabbits. I decorate with rabbits all over my house and the gardens year round. I have tons of bunnies decorating my house during Easter. However, it's a different story when my garden becomes their salad bar! This week I went out and found all the leaves stripped from my bean plants. Every leaf was gone. Nothing else was touched, so I suspected a bug had gotten to them. My husband suspected a rabbit. I pointed to the fact that the lettuce was untouched. As if to prove his existence, the next day, the tops of my lettuce were neatly eaten off.
We live in a subdivision near open fields. We have seen rabbits in the fields many times when we walk on the edge of our neighborhood. Our backyard is fenced in with a wood fence which has recently been showing its age. Some boards are broken at the bottom. Easy access for Mr. Rabbit. The boards face toward our neighbors house so we have to wait until they repair them. In the meantime, I've covered all the holes. My bean plants are trying to come back and put out a few leaves. Time will only tell if they will survive. I suspect they will recover.

Other than the visit by Mr. Rabbit, my garden is doing well. The monster sized zuchinni plant has taken over the west side of the Pioneer garden. It's WAY too big and invasive for my teensy garden. I'll not plant them again. Squash are more suitable for this space.

The tomatoes are flourishing. We are waiting for the green ones to start turning. I'm looking out for birds now. I've heard that hanging red Christmas balls in your tomato bush will deter them. They peck at the glass balls and get discouraged and leave your plant alone. I don't have any red Christmas balls and when they are in the store, I'm not thinking about my Spring garden. I'll have to use the old tin pie plate hanging from a string trick.

I've picked 4 bellpeppers from my plants already and a little zuchinni. I'm looking forward to fresh tomatoes sprinkled with black pepper and Kosher salt at supper time. Our Louisiana satsuma tree is loaded down with baby satsumas. We won't enjoy these until October but it is fun to watch them grow during the summer and look forward to sweet satsumas. My secret garden is growing beautifully. The hydrangeas are especially lush this year.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Isn't Pyrex supposed to last forever?

There comes a stage in your married life when all the appliances and household objects you purchased when you first got married are now breaking or are obsolete. I've definitely come to this stage. We've replaced so many appliances lately that I'm beginning to think of purchasing stock in Bed, Bath & Beyond! A friend suggested we should just renew our vows and register for all new stuff! Not a bad thought!

One thing I never thought I would have to replace was my Pyrex dishes. I have several Pyrex dishes and measuring cups. I love them and have used them pretty much since I was first married (21 years). One 9 x 11 pan in particular sees a lot of use. I was shocked when I heard glass shattering in my oven the other day. I looked in to see my 9 x 11 pan in pieces all over my oven. Boy was that a mess to clean up.

In a huff, I looked up the warranty information on the Pyrex website fully expecting to get a refund. According to the Pyrex website, two years is all we can ever expect from these dishes. Also, we shouldn't be pouring cold water into a hot dish to make gravy. I have seen all the women in our family do this forever. It's a "no no" according to the Pyrex website. After time, small cracks form in the pan and compromise the strength of the dish causing it to shatter if the dish is exposed to quick temperature changes. I still love my Pyrex dish. I just know now that it isn't indestructible. The honeymoon is over!

Herbs Gone Wild!

My herb patch has grown so much this year and basically looks unkempt. But I like it that way. Here is a picture with labels. As you can see, my mint is a rebellious little guy and doesn't want to stay where he was planted. Parsley anyone?

The vegetable gardens are coming along nicely. My zuchinni has two beauties growing now. My tomatoes have their first baby. The purple hull string beans are already making edible beans. My green peppers are coming along with one ready to pick. My cucumber is showing lots of flowers, but I haven't detected a baby growing yet. Also, our Louisiana Satsuma tree has tons of baby Satsumas growing on it.

My secret garden is flourishing. I love ferns and I've planted three types there. They love the moist shady area. My bosses wife gave me a bunch of ferns from her garden. They are doing well all over my yard. Some are in my secret garden. Some are near the kitchen garden. Some are in pots near the logs. They add such a woodsy touch. I absolutely love the baby ferns when they start up all curled up a fuzzy. My hydrangea has budded and is starting to flower. The flower is green now but will soon turn into a blue or pink flower.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How should Christians treat those here illegally?

Someone on FaceBook recently posted a link to some pictures that were taken of a private watering hole in an arid area in South Texas. There are a variety of animals that were captured on film visiting the watering hole. A cougar, a fox, two javelinas (type of wild pig) and various other wild animals. The last frame shows three Hispanic males whom were labeled "varmits" and "illegals".

It angers me that people and especially Christians have de-humanized these men by essentially categorizing them as wild animals. I guess you have to de-humanize them in order to hate them. Increase security, build the fence, enforce the law but don't forget these are your fellow human beings.

"Well if an illegal shot your kid, you would think differently about them." If someone from Switzerland shot my kid, would I then hate the Swiss? If a woman shot my kid, then would I hate all women? If I did think that way well, then I would be dead wrong. (no pun intended) Yes, I'm angry that men, women and children that are here illegally are getting medical care that I paid for. Yes, it is wrong and it needs to be fixed. But we can't forget that they are humans and should be treated as such.

Remember the story of the Good Samaritan? You can read in in Luke 10:30-37. Jesus blew away the meaning of the word "neighbor" to the lawyer who had asked it. The lawyer, a Jewish man, looked on Samaritans as lower class. They didn't keep the "law" and were a despised group in the eyes of the faithful Jewish. Even when Jesus asked him a question about the Parable he had just told, the lawyer couldn't even bring himself to say the word "Samaritan". Yet Jesus told him to have mercy on them (v. 37).

We need to ask God to help us have compassion for these men, women and children that are here illegally. We should remember that Jesus died for us when we were still sinners. We couldn't keep the "law". We didn't deserve mercy. Still he went to the cross for us.

Jesus, forgive us when we don't show others the mercy they need. Forgive us when we point and blame forgetting all that has been forgiven us.


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