Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The story of the "Foul" Fowl

Thanksgiving of 2008 we were the designated turkey friers. We were joining our friends across town for the celebration. To save time, we decided to inject the turkey at home and fry it at our friend's house.

Mistake No. 1: Piercing the plastic wrapping around the turkey thus allowing the juices of the turkey to escape.

Mistake No. 2: allowing my husband to drive the turkey across town without having someone holding the bowl it was sitting in.

Result: Turkey juice all over the carpet of his car. It quickly ripened into a stomach turning stench. Six months later, we still couldn't get the smell out. We tried EVERYTHING. With the humid summer Texas heat coming, it was certain his car was going to smell really horrible.

I heard on Cheapskate monthly that there was something called Nok-Out. I was getting desperate, so we ordered a bottle. Long story short, it totally killed the "foul" fowl smell and I ordered a gallon of this wonderful product the same day. This stuff is amazing. I sprayed it on my carpets, on our upholstered furniture, everywhere... It doesn't have a scent. It just smells clean. I used up that 32 oz bottle quickly. The refill is coming tomorrow and I already have plans for it! (muhhhaaaa)

Here's the website if you want to check it out Just go for the gallon jug from the get go and save yourself a lot of extra shipping costs! I also found a 10% discount code for the website at

Bonus: It's from Louisiana! I'm all for supporting the home team.

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