Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My continuing efforts to gather my 3 month supply

As I type this, my expanded garden has been planted. My husband placed some large sticks around the garden to help keep the soil from eroding. It looked so much like an old pioneer garden that it was thus dubbed. Here are some pictures of my "Pioneer Garden". It isn't much to look at now, but soon it will be bursting with goodness. I have planted two tomato plants, two cucumber plants, a zucchini plant, several bell pepper plants and two rows of bush purple hull beans. If you have never seen purple hull beans let me explain their magic. They go into the pot purple and as they cook, they turn a brilliant green. Kids love to eat "magical" beans. They also like to eat what they pick. This is a great way to get the veggies into the mouths of babes! If you look carefully, you will see my little bunny amongst the plants.

Our older garden in front of the patio has been planted with jalapeno and tomato. Most of the herbs survived the winter. A testament to the hardy stock of plant at our local nursery, Nelson Water Garden. They have the absolute best plants around. The herbs currently flourishing for their second season are lavender, curly parsley, thyme and rosemary. New to the garden is oregano and two types of basil planted in containers. I've also planted two containers with lettuce.

My husband also planted 4 tomatoes in other beds around the yard. I think we will be begging our neighbors to take tomatoes off our hands by mid-summer!

My shopping is going well also. I have stocked up on shampoo, laundry detergent and flour. I'm being diligent to use coupons and shopping sales for my 3-month supply. Because we spent money on our garden this month, we had less for my 3-month supply shopping. We know we will get a return on our investment throughout the summer. Next month I will have more money to stock up on canned goods and such.

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Shannon said...

I'm planting more this year too. converting some of my backyard flower beds to a mixture of edible and ornamental. Feel the need to grow more ourselves. My peas and spinach are just finishing up. Broccoli is flowering, so I'll save the seed. Planted beans, corn, squash, tomatoes, etc. before I left. Will get out there next week and plant another cycle of beans and the rest of my stuff then. The kids all have their own beds too. It's fun to see what they plant. AND I love seeing them just go out and graze from the garden. :)

Look forward to seeing pics of how your garden progresses this year :)


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