Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine Decorations

Valentine's Day is special at our house because it is also my dear husband's birthday. I really wanted some pretty Valentine decorations but was disappointed by the gaudy decorations in the stores. I like the pretty heart-shaped rose covered wreaths, but again, the flowers on them are often cheap. I'm not the best at flower decoration, but I thought I could do a better job than those found in the store.

I found a pretty heart shaped Styrofoam form at my local craft store (Hobby Lobby). I also had to hunt around, but found some beautiful flowers there. I chose a stem with large roses, another with smaller roses and another one of one white hydrangeas. I try to pick the flowers stems that also come with other decorations in them. I took all the flowers off of the stems and used some pliers to cut off the little stub left over so that the flower would lie flat against the wreath. I also picked off some leaves.

Then I hot glued the largest flowers first. I then filled in with the smaller flowers and some decorations. I then glued some leaves (cut off of the stems) in the places that were bare around the edges of the wreath. I also added in some of the small berries that came with one of the stems.

Embellished Valentine Postcards

I found two websites that had some gorgeous old fashioned postcards on them.

I printed them out on my best quality setting on my printer and glued them to card stock. I cut them out and then got the idea to embellish them with a little glitter. It made all the difference. I used them as a unique decoration on my tablescape. I'm also going to experiment with making parts of the card 3-D. I'm going to print out duplicates and cut out a small item (like a dove) out of the second one and glue it on top of the first one with a thick bead of hot glue so that the item pops out. I've entered this project on "There is no Place Like Home" blog Paper Craft. Check out the site for more projects.


Jana Landry said...

I love your Valentine's wreath! You really did a good job working on it. Thanks for sharing the pictures and ideas. Skydivingmom

Kris said...

that is my birthday as well...


Frazzled Mom said...

Kris - sending Birthday wishes to you!

hannah said...

Thanks for the comment on my paper-crafting post. Great idea on the vintage postcards--I'll have to check out those links.


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