Thursday, January 1, 2009

Puppies and Mrs. Warbler

I'm feeling so low today. The death of my friend weighs so heavy on my heart. Satan knows that and decided to give me a double whammy. I really wanted a puppy from our homeschool friends down the road. It's the kind I've always wanted. My husband refused. I guess he was right, but I was disappointed. Well, I went outside today only to see our across-the-street neighbor with two of the puppies right in her front yard. She had gotten the puppy I wanted and her sister. You say, that's not great, but not awful. Wait, there's more.

Our across-the-street neighbor man, we'll call him Spaz, divorced his wife. The day the ex-wife and the three kids moved out, a new lady moved right in. Let's call her Stick. I couldn't believe that Spaz moved a new lady right in to his 4 bedroom home and his three kids have to live in an apartment. Whatever. That's their deal. A few months later, while typing at my computer, I heard noise outside my window. I looked to see Stick and the ex-wife screaming at each other and Stick was towering over the ex-wife ready to strike. I see the kids running for the house. I went across the street and broke up the fight but not before Stick yelled a threat at the ex-wife. Awesome. Stick called the police on the ex-wife... what? No, the police never talked to me about the whole situation even though I was right in the middle. Wonderful work by our crack police force. The ex-wife goes to jail. Go figure. What was the whole fight about? Stick decided to turn the children against their mother by speaking despairingly about her directly to them. The ex-wife confronted her about it.

I recently saw Spaz standing on his roof yelling at his neighbor's dog for barking. Your ideal dog owners wouldn't you say.

She is in her front yard all morning with the dogs and makes sure she gets our attention when we returning home from shopping. She makes a point to say she got the dogs from "your neighbors". She was rubbing it in my face. I just went inside and ignored her. My husband carries on a whole conversation with her which just gets my goat. He heard it from me when he got inside. I reminded him who washed his socks and made his meals. Don't say "sour grapes" to me please. I'm just seething mad.

I know our friend had no idea about these people or she wouldn't have sold her beloved dogs to them. She just wanted to get rid of these last two puppies. It just hit me on the wrong day at the wrong time.

I went in the back yard to cool off. I was just praying and praying and rocking and rocking in my rocking chair. Then the cutest little green bird came into the yard and cleaned the bugs off of my flowers. I've never seen him before. I thought he was a Finch. He wasn't afraid of me at all. He entertained me and got my mind off of my anger. I calmed down a bit and came inside. I looked it up in my bird book, she was a Mourning Warbler. I thought that was a wonderful sign.
I might need another trip out there later. I hope I see my new counselor, Mrs. Warbler.

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