Thursday, January 15, 2009

January - National Homeschool Burnout Month

Welcome to January or, as it is known in homeschool circles, "National Homeschool Burnout Month". It's that time of year when you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling.

It is common for first timer and old timers to feel frustrated with homeschooling during this time. We have just come off of a long break from school and getting back into the routine can be difficult.

Many first timers hold the end of the December as their “trial” period. “We will see how it goes until the end of the year.” Then January burnout hits and they throw up their hands in frustration. It is normal.

Some people don’t experience burnout. I am not one of those people. Although I have homeschooled for six years, I still experience it. I try and have a sense of humor about it all and over the years have given myself some strategies to work with the frustration.
  • I ease into school work after a long break. Adding only a few subjects when we start and slowly adding all the subject in over a two week period.
  • We take breaks and visit with friends or go to the park.
  • I don’t overcommit myself this month to projects outside of homeschool.
  • I take some time to relax and do something I enjoy away from homeschooling.
Most important is recognizing you are going through it and then taking steps to deal with it. This too shall pass my friend. Ask God to give you wisdom and to help you stay focused on the task ahead.


Lindylou said...

My burnout often hits around March or April when I feel like the year may never end. I somehow start up in January with a fresh view... like it is a new start...a chance to change our course and adjust.. a time to tweet lessons, timing, activities. So much happens in the seems like we can really settle in during the winter.


Shannon said...

Great post! For me it's February. Every year now, it's always February. I've just started accepting that this is part of the homeschool journey. It's always a good time to try something new, to mix things up, or even just take what I call an "Unschooling" break.
Thanks for bringing this up..both here and on the email list :) It's always good for people to know that they aren't alone in hitting that burnout wall.


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