Monday, January 26, 2009

The Greatest Author of All Time

This weekend Greg was gifted with a beautiful bookshelf from our friends. My husband is a book hound and books were starting to stack up all over the floor. His beautiful office was getting cluttered and messy.

We started arranging all of the books on the shelf and I didn't realize how many great classics my husband had hidden in his library. Many of which I can use for the boys school work. Some of the books I had read many years ago, but hadn't picked them up in years so I had forgotten a lot of the details. Many I had never read, but Greg told me they were worth reading.

This Sunday I looked around at the faces in church and realized how our congregation is like a bookshelf full of books. Some of them I know well and can quote from their lives. Others I have only read a chapter or two and want to know more. Some I haven't even picked up yet, but have heard about their story and I am very interested. Their "covers" often don't hint as to their content.

The great Author has written their stories. He knows every word and every scene. Most I know are still being written. A few have ended quietly... a few tragically.

I take comfort that my life is in control of the great Author. He knows just what Chapters lay ahead in my life. He knows the ending. He has even written my name in His book called the Lamb's Book of Life when I accepted him as my Savior. Doing so assures me of the best ending of all.

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