Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Crackers - Start your party off with a bang!

Christmas Crackers or Christmas Poppers are a European tradition that I love. These are little cardboard tubes all decorated up with fun surprises in them including a paper hat, a really cheesy joke and open with a bang. Our family tradition is to let any guests that come over during the Christmas holidays open one. My boys get to open one with the guests also. As you can guess, they love Christmas company. They are a huge hit with all the kids. They trade amongst themselves if they get a gift they deem is too "girly" or too "boyish" but most gifts are suitable for either. You will be hugely popular amongst your friends and their kids!

You can purchase them at most party supply stores and some department stores. I found some excellent quality ones at my local Marshall's discount store. If you can find some that are easy to open, you can sneak open one side and slip in a few more little goodies. I did this one year for a Christmas party and slipped in lipstick and charms for the ladies.

Start a fun family tradition and make some memories with Christmas Crackers.


Lindylou said...

These are really fun to make and easy. You can insert a tube like a toliet roll and wrap paper around slightly loose. Tape paper and slide out tube. (or you can leave paper tube in if you cut it in two before you insert it.) Fill when candy, small fun treats, and shredded paper. Wrap both ends with a ribbon. Thanks it! So easy, even the children can help make them.

Frazzled Mom said...

Yes, I have seen some instructions on the web to make them, but the homeade ones don't have the "pop" the store bought ones have. The bang is half the fun!


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