Friday, November 7, 2008

Let go of your Perfectionism

I'm a huge subscriber to the "Flylady" method. I've finally let go of my perfectionism and am satisfied with "clean enough". It took a while, but I made it. Whew! I think that letting go of your perfectionism also allows time for ministering to others. Continuing to hold onto perfectionism doesn't allow us to be used of God at His will to minister to a hurting world.

Now I'm not saying you should ignore your cluttered and dusty house. Absolutely not. This does not bless your family and friends. But swinging so far to the side of perfectionism is a problem. You'll never get anything done because you can never do it perfectly. Flylady's method in a nutshell is dividing your house into zones. You tackle one zone a week. That doesn't mean tearing the room apart. It is tiny, little 15 minute jobs. Before you know it, your house is in order.

How do you know if perfectionism has a hold on your life? If you have empty drawers because you don't know what to put in them, that's a sign. If your house is a cluttered mess... you guessed it... you are a perfectionist. If you have one day a year you totally gut the house to clean and never get it totally done, that's a sign.

Ask God to help you let go of your perfectionism. Recognize when your mindset is one of perfectionism and take steps to correct it. It won't happen overnight, but with God's help it will happen.

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Renae said...

Who me? ;)

I am much better than I used to be. It's impossible to be too picky and have five people live peacefully in a home. We are all here most of the time, so there are bound to be messes.

I'd rather create wonderful memories than a perfect house. Thanks for the reminder.


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