Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dance of the Hummingbird

Enjoy a peek through my kitchen blinds at the Hummingbird feeder in my Kitchen Garden. It is so relaxing to sit with a cup of coffee and watch the hummingbirds in the morning. Grab a cup and enjoy the show!

This little dove took a bath and got all tuckered out. Here he is taking a mid-day nap.

This is my herb garden in the backyard. I just planted the fall herbs, so they are still growing. I have Green Onions, Apple Mint (for tea), curly parsley, Lavender, Rosemary. I also just planted Broccoli, Lettuce & Purple Hull Beans. Purple Hull beans are so neat. They are purple string beans that turn green in boiling water. Cool!

Look real careful at the picture below and you can see the baby lettuce just breaking the surface.

Here is one of the first satsumas our Louisiana Satsuma tree has produced. We have four (4) total this year. One of each member of the family! They should be turning orange soon and ready to eat.

Here is our dog, Tug (her full name is "Tug at your Heartstrings" since that is what she did to get us to take her home). She is on a mission to catch the fat squirrel in our backyard. We put out corn, peanuts and other squirrel delicacies, but sometimes Mr. Squirrel likes to nibble from the bird feeder. Tug is a hunting dog at heart and she smells the unmistakable scent of squirrel. We had to quit feeding the squirrel for a while because Mr. Squirrel was bringing his cousin with him. Look below and you will see his cousin. The Hurricane wiped out the tree we think the cousin was living in so the cousin relocated to another yard. We are back to feeding the squirrel much to delight of our dog.

Yes it is big black rat.


Donna J. Shepherd said...

Loved the video. I have feeders, too. And TUG! How cute! Thanks for sharing.

Frazzled Mom said...

Thanks Donna. Do you get the migrating hummers too? We get tons of them this time of year. So many things are blooming that they love.

Lindylou said...

You are becoming quite a lovely gift to my and hopefully to many readers soon. Your site is so peaceful and calm. I tell you, it is quite not non-frazzled mom showing through!

Your view of the world is endearing, informative and a place to rest.

Thank you.


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