Thursday, October 30, 2008

The best part of camping...not camping

Men love fire. Last year we got a fire pit for our backyard much to the delight of my men. This year after the hurricane we drove around in our little Honda Civic looking for wood all of one Saturday afternoon. We would hollar if we saw something that looks like it might be burnable. Then we would hurry and drive over to it (someone else might get it for goodness sake). Then we all got out and evaluated it and loaded it. I'm sure we were quite the site. Our trunk open and loaded down with wood. I even got two logs for my backyard "woodsy" theme. Everyone was happy.

Well on the first somewhat cool evening this year the boys begged to burn some wood and roast and toast anything they could. I dragged out the marshmallows and we all had a grand time. I'm not a camping type of gal, so this is as close as I get to it. When the mosquitoes get too bad, I can go into my house. If I get hot, I can take a shower in a clean shower. When I am tired, I can lay in my comfy bed. I lived in the woods during my teenage years. Take it from me, getting back to nature is highly overrated. I'll take good old civilization any day. Yeah progress! Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go plug something in.

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Anonymous said...

In the picture it really does look like ya'll are camping out!! Nanny's boys are sure getting big, no more little boys, they are young little men! boo hoo! boo hoo! I know they will like what Nanny said about them!

From Skydivingmom


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