Monday, September 8, 2008

Preparing for yet another unwelcome visitor...

Here we are again preparing for yet another unwelcome visitor. No, not my husband's old girlfriend... I mean Hurricane Ike. We are keeping our eye on the Gulf and a prayer on our lips. We don't yet know where it will strike. We have again opened our home to family and friends although we may be the ones on the road headed toward them. Our current plan is to stay. But a Category 5 or strong 4 could definitely cause us to rethink our plans. We are way out of the flood zone, but wind is our enemy. Our house is sturdy, but most houses are rated for 75 mph wind not the 100+ that a larger Hurricane could bring. Last time we evacuated for Hurricane Rita, the old girl followed us to Louisiana causing us to run further east to Baton Rouge. Not a pleasant time. At any rate, I'm preparing for company and baking cookies and other comfort foods. I hope our family and friends don't feel that they have worn out their welcome, because they haven't in the least bit. In fact, we very much enjoyed having everyone over.

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