Thursday, September 18, 2008

Of Hobbits and Tooth Fairies

I have a Hobbit living in my house. If you aren't a Lord of the Rings fan, let me explain. It is a small man with huge feet and an even bigger appetite. He gets into mischief from time to time, is sometimes moody and enjoys a good party. Of course, I'm talking about my oldest son. I'm quite sure J. R. R. Tolkien modeled his hobbits after pre-teen boys. My son's growth spurt will come soon and it will all even out.

Today he lost what we think is his last baby tooth. A few months ago he lost three teeth in ONE DAY. I kid with him that he really wanted a Lego Set and was pulling them out for the money. The poor tooth fairy is going broke!
I feel very blessed to witness all these changes in my son. Soon he will be out of the house on his own. I am grasping at the last moments of his childhood and I want to hold on tight. I have so much I want to instill in his life. We tend to focus on having our children behave in public, be clean, have good manners, etc. Of course, these are all vitally important in their lives. But if they don't have a great love for our Lord Jesus, we have failed. Failed is a scary word, especially when it comes to salvation. This should be our focus above all things. I feel very blessed that in homeschooling the boys, I am given extra time to talk about the Lord. I pray I use it wisely.

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Lindylou said...

What a tender post! It is so real and important. Thank you for sharing. I'd like you to post on what happen when you were growing up in the church...I think we all need to learn how not to hurt our children "in the name of God". I am very careful to let my children discover Him while living out a devoted life to and for Him. I also teach at a mature level when I teach the Bible...even little children can understand big concepts about being a believer!


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