Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My love/hate relationship with my teamaker

I love my Mr. Coffee teamaker. At the same time I hate it*. It makes amazing iced tea (a staple here in Texas). However whoever designed the blasted thing didn't think it would get much use. The pitcher has a seam right up the spout that cracks easily after several months. I've babied the darned thing and hand wash it and handle it carefully, but it still cracks. I've replaced my pitcher so many times. I have even purchased more than one to save on shipping. It is not the most frugal thing I should do. It is cheaper to just purchase a whole new one than to purchase two new replacement pitchers and have them shipped. I just can't bring myself to throwing away the perfectly good body part. So I keep looking for a new design from the Mr. Coffee people. Maybe most people just purchase a whole new maker when their pitchers crack and so the Mr. Coffee people are high-fiving each other thinking they have a well-made popular item when in reality it is just the same 25 people buying a new one over and over. Hmmmmm Maybe that's their plan all along. Anyway, I'm hooked. I love this thing, but at the same time I can't really recommend it to friends without warning them about the addictive purchasing cycle you will get in if you decide to get one.
*For an exciting update on this Mr. Coffee teamaker click here.
Here are two of my favorite teas at the moment. Mighty Leaf African Nectar is my favorite but a little pricy at $8.00 a box. It only makes 3 - 3 quart pitchers of tea. It also is hard to find. I did find it at my local HEB store. The Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion is inexpensive and tastes wonderful.


mary grace said...

Just happened on your blog and had to say that I really enjoy it! Thanks for sharing about your life!

Frazzled Mom said...

Thanks Mary Grace. I checked yours out. Very beautiful.

Lindylou said...

Hello! I had a tea maker just like this! I also broke a pitcher and bought a second one. Then one day I was at a friends house and saw her making tea from a big pot of boiling water on her stove. Ever since then I have been making my Sweet!!! Tea for my Southern Husband. It is really frugal and easy. I get my largest lidded pot and boil the water. After it comes up to a rolling boil, I dunk four family size teabags in several times and then twist the strings on the handle. I cover it and let it steep off the burner while I finish supper. When dinners almost ready I pour the hot tea into a pitcher in the sink. If I want to make extra tea, I pour very hot water from the facuet onto the hot teabags, and dunk them again a few times (I've been told this second batch is decaffinated!)
You can take it from there! I really love the strong flavor from the long steeped tea.

annelies said...

I'm glad you like the African Nectar. A fun fact about this particular herbal blend is that it's particularly good to drink if you are having trouble sleeping. If you like the flavor profile of African Nectar, consider also trying our White Orchard, a white tea with peaches and melon. Yum. Thanks for being a fan of Mighty Leaf Tea.

Annelies Z. of Mighty Leaf

annelies said...
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Frazzled Mom said...

Annelies - thank you for your suggestion. That sounds soooo good! I will look to see if it is carried by our local HEB store. If not, I'm going to make them order it! BTW - your comment came through twice, so I just deleted one of them. Hugs!

Frazzled Mom said...

Please check out my update to this entry. Mr. Coffee redesigned their Iced Tea Pot and I love it!


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