Monday, September 29, 2008

Cookin' on the Cookbook

I've been busy putting together our homeschool group cookbook. It is really cool how the participants can go to the Heritage Cookbook website and enter in their own recipe. However, I've found myself doing a lot of proofreading which is time consuming. I'm keeping my focus on the end result which will be wonderful. I'm especially excited that the proceeds will go to the Benevolence Fund at our homeschooling group.

I am also planning a Recipe Tasting Party for the cookbook at my house. We will be asking for an offering at the door to raise additional funds. My sweet homeschooling friend in Arkansas helped me with the wording.

A suggested donation of any amount at the door to directly benefit the Benevolence Fund would be greatly appreciated.

She is such a wordsmith. We don't want anyone to feel that they can't attend because of finances.
Another cool idea that came from a member in our group is that we should take a picture of the ladies that are contributing to the cookbook at the Recipe Tasting Party. Because the cookbook will be printed after our party, we can enter this picture into the cookbook itself.

I'm excited about the whole idea of this Recipe Tasting Party and Cookbook. I hope it is contagious! I need to sell at least 50 books to make a decent profit for the Benevolence Fund. I'm hoping others will see what a nice gift this will be to those in their family.

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