Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Legacy of Giving Lavishly

I'm working hard on heading up putting together our homeschool group's cookbook. I found an awesome website http://www.heritagecookbook.com/ to help me in my efforts. I love it because members just sign in and type their own recipes. That was really appealing. The price are reasonable too. It will probably end up being under $9 each to print, but it just depends on how many recipes we get. I just added mine and we are already at 70 pages. We will sell them for a profit to benefit our homeschool group's benevolence fund. I thought it was poetic that our family recipes will help feed those in crisis.

Going through all the recipes gave me memories of my childhood. I could almost taste some of the candies! My Mamon was the best cook. Family gatherings were always at her house during the holidays. All of her sisters and brothers and their kids would show up. The house was always packed and we had a wonderful time.

But my favorite memories are when my sister and I would go and spend the night at her house. I loved to organize her pantry. I know, that sounds weird, but I just loved to do it. I loved to see what she had in her pantry. My mother was on a health food kick, so our pantry foods were different from hers. My Mamon was also a crafter and had an entire room devoted to this. Every so often she would go through her room and clean it out and we would get the leftover crafting items. Boy were we in heaven!

My Papa loved to garden and he had the most amazing garden that took over their whole back yard and the whole empty lot beside their house. We always came home with bags and bags of fresh produce. You name it, he grew it and grew it well. My parents declared bankruptcy during my Junior year in high school. I know for a fact that my Mamon and Papa gave money and groceries to keep my family going on. My grandparents did this for many family and friends. They both worked in education all their lives. My Papa was a principal and my Mamon worked in the office. They were not rich, but saved well and had a very comfortable retirement. They helped put many of their children and grandchildren and other family members through college. They touched countless lives.

My Papa has gone on to his reward in heaven. I know this for sure because I prayed the prayer of salvation with him one day at his kitchen table. My Mamon is in an assisted living home. After years of serving others, now others cook and clean for her. She is enjoying her retirement years.

I now get to pass on this wonderful legacy of caring to my friends and family. I learned about giving lavishly from my Mamon. She never held anything back. She is a jewel and I love her!

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