Sunday, August 3, 2008

Impromptu dinner with friends

What's better than an unplanned dinner with friends? I called my friend to go with me for a quick visit to Nelson's Water Garden It didn't take much arm twisting to get her to come over for a cappuccino first. She likes them how I make them... dark and rich with a little cinnamon on the top (Community Espresso Blend). I had one at lunch today and now another one with her. Guess I'll be up late tonight! LOL Anyway, we got to talking and finally buzzed out the door. As soon as we walked into Nelson's they informed us we they would be closing in 5 minutes. Do you think that stopped us? No way! She is a blue ribbon shopper like myself so 5 minutes to shop didn't phase us. We power shopped and picked up 5 beautiful plants for my back yard including some green miniature roses. And... ta da... we hit a huge sale in the process! We were in such a rush that I didn't notice it until later! This place has the best plants anywhere. Mercedes, their plant lady, is a walking encyclopedia of plants. We came back home much to everyone's surprise in 10 minutes. We love to linger over the ponds and feed the koi and ohh and ahhh over all the new and strange plants. Today it wasn't to happen. Don't fret, we will definitely go back.
They agreed to stay for supper and I threw together a quick Spaghetti with meat sauce. Then we all went for a family walk behind our neighborhood on the walking trail. I love a family walk. My Grandmother told me that when she was growing up in Holland, it was a tradition for her whole family to walk and talk in the evening. I'm beginning to enjoy and embrace the traditions of my ancestors. There is such wisdom in them. Tea time, family walks, home births...
My recipe for spaghetti is posted with the Crockpot Lasagna, so you can find it there if you like.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Sounds like fun-- and super yummy. I found your blog and wanted to come out of lurk mode. I too am a homeschool mom so it's always nice to meet those alike!

Very cute blog!

Frazzled Mom said...

Hey Amy. Thanks for the comment. Great to meet you!


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