Friday, August 29, 2008

Gustav not a welcome Anniversary reminder

This is the three year anniversary of Katrina. What a flurry of work we were doing three years ago at this time. Our church housed many survivors including two extended families. We had over 100 people housed on our church grounds. I called one family we had particularly bonded with to find out their plans for this hurricane. You could hear in their voices that they were scared, but trying to prepare for another round. Ms. B told me that their entire family would leave New Orleans tomorrow and head for Arkansas. We had offered for them to stay with us in Katy, but they didn't want to split the family up with one part going one way and another going another way. That was part of the nightmare three years ago when Ms. B hadn't heard from her eldest son for days after the hurricane hit. We prayed and she patiently waited. Finally word came that he was in Texas and he was safe. Ms. B ended up losing everything. A single parent recovering from cancer treatment, she was a rock. She put her faith in God and knew that her needs would be taken care of. She was able to weather this immeasurable amount of stress. She lived in her FEMA trailer on her property in New Orleans for almost three years before funds were available. They were to be released just days ago. Now another storm comes and she must wait for the funds again. We pray for our friends as they travel to Arkansas. We pray for New Orleans once again.


lindylou said...

I'm here! So nice to be invited to your site. Look forward to reading it.

lindylou said...

So sorry to hear about Ms. B! This is what my siblings have said is the hardest part...the emotional strain of having to go through this all again after they just were beginning to feel life was back to normal.


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