Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Fall"ing for Autumn Decorating

I just love Autumn! I love the colors, the pumpkins, the leaves, the cool weather. A stranger stopped my friend and I in the store the other day and asked when it would appropriate to start decorating for fall. My answer was as soon as the kids were back in school. Seeing the fall decorations just gets my mind in gear for school. Goodbye to the free wheeling days of Summer. I'm glad to leave them behind. The heat, the high electric bills, the sweating (because of the heat and the high electric bills). The boys are very excited about our studies this year. They are chomping at the bit to start. We'll get started on September 4th.

I've got a little jump on decorating and started today. Here is what I've got done so far.

The dining room table:

Look at how cute these little guys are:

The china hutch: (I adore this pumpkin soup tureen from Cracker Barrel)

I also hit the front door and front porch with a little fall color.

My summer garden flowers are still blooming. I have all purple and blue flowers. My snapdragon is from last year and still blooming. I just trimmed it back and I'm expecting more blooms soon. My Pentas are also blooming beautifully. My passion flowers are getting ready to have some more blooms and I'll take pictures when I have a pretty one. Enjoy looking at the last of my Summer Garden.


Kelli said...

Your fall decorations are just beautiful and now I really feel like getting out fun! We are starting school right after Labor day. Our new books will arrive any day and I've been working on organizing the school room and getting some new favorite part. :0)

Frazzled Mom said...

Thanks for your comments Kelli. It is nice to meet a new homeschooling friend.

Keisha Coconut said...

Your decor is lovely. I too love the Fall :)


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