Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'?

Tonight it is grilled steak & artichoke. A little splurge. I just came back from HEB grocery store and had $40 to spend. I came out with three little bags. It is disgusting. I didn't even buy anything big. I bought a chicken, some itty bitty steaks, Yogurt, coffee creamer, Sour Cream, Honey, Ezekiel Bread, salad, and 3 tomotoes (is the danger passed?). I stuck to the outside rim of the store except for the honey and I didn't have an coupons for anything I needed today. When we got home I showed Greg what we bought for $40. He wanted to know what the big ticket item was. There wasn't any. I think he is finally getting the picture that groceries are expensive. We noticed gas was going down. I hope groceries follow this trend. I do Angel Food Ministries but we missed it this month as we were out of town during the delivery. Boy do I miss it.

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