Thursday, July 31, 2008

Take a peek in the pantry

I laughed the other day when a dear friend requested a picture of the inside of my pantry. She was moving into a new home and wanted to see how I organized mine. Granted, mine isn't anything to be coveted, but she saw something she wanted to copy. My youngest son commented that she probably just wanted to see what type of groceries we buy. That made me roar with laughter. Anyway, why do we like to look in people's fridge or pantry? Is it because we think we are missing out on some delicious grocery store find? Are we just all nosey? No, I propose it is because we like the person so much we want to know everything about them, even down to what they eat. Maybe we admire them and want to emulate them. OK, maybe we are all a little nosey too! Well we can take a peek in God's "pantry" too. It's the Bible. It tells us what he likes and doesn't like. There are nuggets of wisdom and slices of mercy. Dive right in!

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